Prices / Payments

Tuition/Fee Schedule

*Tuition is paid via our convenient auto-pay system*

(Please see the Resources/Documents page for auto-pay form)

Please note: Tuition for the academic year includes 9 “leveled” payments October through June regardless of the number of weeks in any given calendar month. Full time students enjoy the benefit of a discounted tuition fee as opposed to the higher “single session” rate, and can use “parallel” classes as make-ups. If you wish to pay “per lesson” you will not be considered a full-time student and will need to schedule a session (when available) outside the regular lesson schedule (see Schedule page).  We hope that students will commit to their group for the teaching year just as they do in school in order to realize progress, and complete material presented in the scope/sequence, but we realize that that is not always possible. In the event you must terminate enrollment, we simply ask for a 30-day notice. 

Group Rate:
Weekly 45 minute class session 
Single Session Rate:
(Audition prep/catch up session/recording, etc. By appointment only,
to be scheduled around the regular class schedule. 1 hour session)
Private Rate:
(Limited availability. Must be available/scheduled prior to 2:30pm. Per admin approval only.)
Weekly 45 minute private session

Paying by check for materials? Please make checks payable to:

Voice Works Music Studio